C12 Composites have over 25 years of experience in the production of high performance composite components and their associated technologies.

Steve Thomas moved to Wiltshire from London to work with Dymag Wheels on the building of the Aston Martin Group C1 sports production car in 1986, making the wind tunnel models and the plug work for the car. Unfortunately, at the end of the 1988 season, the plug was pulled on the the project.

Aston MArtin C1Aston Martin C1 Windtunnel Model MBR 962
Above, the Aston Martin Group C1 car, the windtunnel model produced by C12 Composites, and an example of C12's subsequent work, the MBR 962.

"I started work in 1990 to develop a full carbon bike wheel, utilising quicker production methods whilst requiring less finishing. It was also required to fit into Dymag Racing’s already established magnesium range using the existing hub machinings." Steve Thomas, director of C12 Composites and Composites Consultant at Wiltshire College, UWE Bristol, City of Bristol College and Bath University.

3 Spoke Dymag Wheel

After about 18 months of work and the production of prototypes for testing both on the track and statically, a production facility was set up at Dymag Racing’s HQ in Chippenham, and staff trained to produce the wheels, shown left.

C12 Composites was officially formed in 1998 to progress the development of the car wheel and other composite products with Dymag Racing.

We have enjoyed a long standing working relationship with Lindstrand Balloons and Aeromechanics, producing composites for the Global Challenger balloon as well as other projects. C12 have also been subcontracted by Lindstrand for components for BAE Systems' autonomous GA22 airship, and for the famous Top Gear flying caravan:

Top Gear Flying Caravan BAE GA22

C12 also have extensive experience in the production of lightweight bodywork, from one-off specials like Bath University's Team Green Eco Marathon vehicle (averaging 6603mpg), to design, mould production and composite components for Thruster Air Services.

Team Green Shell Eco Marathon Car